Window Tinting Sales and Installation in Richmond, VA and Atlanta, GA

Reduce your energy costs and reduce fading on curtains, furniture and other furnishings with window tinting from Aegis Films of Richmond, VA and Atlanta, GA. Professionally installed window tinting is applied to the interior surface of glass windows and provides a significant level of protection and comfort. You keep your view but eliminate problems from the sun.

Aegis glass window tinting films work to reduce your cooling bills by rejecting the majority of the sun's heat and therefore reducing most of the solar heat coming through the glass.

Plus our Aegis window tinting block the sun's UV rays, dramatically reducing fading of expensive furnishings, draperies, walls, rugs, wood floors, carpeting and artwork.

A wide variety of looks are available including clear, tinted, frosted and other decorative applications.

For Home and Business

Aegis Window Films can be installed on homes and businesses in order to upgrade solar control and safety. Our experts can help you select the perfect window film for your needs.

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What is Window Tinting Film and how does it work?

Window tinting film is basically a transparent specially coated polyester film that is applied to the interior surface of glass. It’s used as a “retrofit” for existing glass on automobiles, homes and commercial buildings in order to upgrade solar control and safety.

Benefits of Window Tinting Film

  • Decrease The Sun's Heat 
  • Reduce Fading & Health Risks
  • Cut Glare 
  • Enjoy Energy Savings 
  • Increase Safety 
  • Enhance exterior appearance of windows.

Professional installation

An additional benefit of allowing Aegis Window Films to protect your home or business is that your window film will be installed by a factory-trained, experienced professional installer.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Acuity Architectural Films feature our factory-backed comprehensive Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty or our 10-Year Commercial Warranty. 


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